Why train with us?

We are blessed to have the ultimate paramotor training site. It comes down to the perfect combination of the following attributes:

  • A 2200′ mountain with a 4 minute turnaround time to launch
  • Southern California weather providing 320+ flyable days per year
  • Quick access to the beach for kiting work

What this means for students is they get to fly immediately, logging as many as 8 flights per day. By the time the motor is introduced on day 3, they are no stranger to being in the air under a paraglider. This makes for better, safer pilots in the crucial early stages. The training is broken up with a beach day, where consistent winds allow students to dial in their forward and reverse kiting skills.

Not only does this training program build flying skills quickly, it also introduces student pilots to soaring. Our training site happens to be a world class paragliding destination. Learning basic soaring techniques has been proven to make better pilots. It’s also the best way to build a lot of valuable flying time prior to adding the motor.

Another added benefit to this training progression is that student pilots will be acquiring the necessary skill sets toward a P2 paragliding rating. They can apply all of their training and flight time toward the rating if they choose to in the future. Since they will finish this stage of the curriculum with the necessary number of flights to continue unsupervised, this is a savings of the entire $1500 P2 course cost.