3-Day Foot Launch or Trike Training

Warning: The journey toward your first paramotor flight will be life changing and addiction forming. Prepare to see the sky forever differently.

There is no FAA requirement for training in Part 103 ultralight aircraft, and in this spirit we like to get students flying safely on their own with a minimal financial and time commitment. We are able to do this because we operate from beach, mountain and airport sites in Southern California, allowing for maximum progression in each training day. This is our syllabus and pricing. All training gear is included.

Foot Launch

  • Day 1 – Kiting training at the beach – $300 for 1 person or $400 for 2
  • Day 2 – Freeflight training at our mountain site – $350
  • Day 3 – Paramotor flights at the beach – $350 for one person or $500 for 2


  • Day 1 – Towing training at our private site – $250 for 1 person or $350 for 2
  • Day 2 – Powered taxi training at the airport – $250 for 1 person or $350 for 2
  • Day 3 – First flights at the airport – $250 for 1 person or $350 for 2

We train year round and will gladly work with students one at a time, not requiring a minimum number of students to form a course. This means new students can get started right away and train on their schedule. Our Southern California climate provides great flying conditions almost every day!  There’s nothing more frustrating than planning a trip months out and thousands of miles away, to end up grounded because there’s a storm that week. There is absolutely no reason to leave our wonderful state!

Skydivers can skip the day 2 freeflight training. We are skydivers too and know exactly how to adjust your piloting techniques from a low aspect ratio canopy to a high performance paramotor wing.

We also offer discounts on gear for our students. We like to carry as many brands of paramotors and wings as possible to give new pilots the greatest number of choices.

Foot Launch Training Details




Day 1: Kiting

Start your ground handling journey

Day 2: Getting Airborne

Launch, Fly, Land, Repeat

Day 3: Powering Up

Adding the motor

We will be adding our trike training details soon!