SCOUT paramotors has brought to market a metal frame option to compliment its successful Carbon model. The Enduro retains the highly effective dynamic torque compensation, while offering a more robust build. This makes the SCOUT an appropriate choice for new pilots as well as training. Some features of the Enduro:

  • Stainless Steel Cage
  • Stainless Spars with Carbon Overlay DTC
  • Stainless Skid Option (also available on the Carbon model)
  • Capable of running both left and right turning prop systems
  • Under 59lbs with Moster 185

Standard Engine Options: Vittorazi Moster 185 variants (185 Plus, Silent or the Original)
Enduro Custom Engine Options: Top 80, Polini, Bailey and more.

Every SCOUT paramotor comes with the following standard features:

  • Custom Harness load certified to 15 G’s
  • Integrated water rescue provisions, flotation collar optional
  • Integrated underseat reserve container
  • Aerodynamic cage spars featuring Dynamic Torque Compensation
  • Proprietary throttle adjustable for left or right handed pilots, custom carbon throttle or Chameleon throttle optional
  • Custom fixed-pitch 132cm carbon fiber prop
  • Extreme portability with optional travel-ready case

This model is not designed to replace the existing carbon fiber paramotor in any way. These two paramotors will fill totally different roles.