Adding power to the mix

Thus far you’ve been bound to the confines of an established mountain flying site (and perhaps are really enjoying the soaring aspect of the sport). With your newly acquired kiting and flying skills, you are now ready to discover the true beauty of powered flight by departing the Earth’s surface from flat ground. We use a beach location on this day to make for the easiest possible launches.

We’ll start by spending some time kiting while wearing the paramotor. You will be developing some new muscle memory to adapt to the weight on your back. Additionally, the throttle handle will be introduced, which will require a little bit of practice to smoothly apply power at the right time, without inadvertently adding throttle at the wrong times. There will be a few minor technique changes introduced to compensate for the thrust of the motor.

You are now ready for your first powered flight!  Starting with a reverse inflation, you will perform the same launch sequence you have done so many times now, and simply add power as cued by your instructor. Within a few steps you will be airborne with your personal aircraft. Just as with previous non-powered flights, you will practice turns and landing patterns. Unlike your previous flights, it will only take a light pull on the throttle to return to a higher altitude. No more repacking your wing and riding back up to launch. You are truly a self sufficient aircraft now.

Upon earning one’s Private Pilot certificate for general aviation, it is often said, “This is your license to learn.”  It is no different with paramotor flying. There are unlimited experiences and exciting challenges that await you. What will be most important as you continue the adventure, is to use good judgement, pace yourself, and have fun!