Get ready for 40 minutes of non-stop smiling!

Experience what it must feel like to be a bird on a low and slow open cockpit Paramotor Trike introductory flight. There is nothing quite like cruising at 30mph just above the ground while exploring the terrain and scenery of Temecula wine country. You will smell the various orchard blooms as you float over them! You will be in control of the aircraft (only if you want to!) as your instructor guides you through the easiest form of flying there is. By the end of the 40 minute flight you will know how to put the aircraft anywhere you want in the sky. Of course, you can also just sit back and relax while your instructor shows you why flying a paramotor is the most fun form of aviation there is. What we hear most often in flight is “Woo Hoo!” and “Wow!”

Just because our aircraft is such a simple machine doesn’t mean that it isn’t as legitimate an aircraft as what you’d normally see in the sky. It has an FAA Airworthiness Certificate and “N” number just like any other aircraft. It can be legally flown into a normal airport (but using a field is so much more fun) and at night. It also must adhere to the same strict FAA maintenance requirements. Our machine is the most deluxe and powerful on the market. We want our passengers to feel comfortable and safe while enjoying this ultimate experience. With a 100 horsepower motor, there is no weight limit!  The plush leather seats allow ample legroom for even the tallest individuals.

Below are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

How safe is this?

Paramotor aircraft provide the safest form of flight for two reasons:

First, they are inherently stable due to the pendulum effect of the aircraft being suspended below the wing. The aircraft will fly straight and level with nobody touching the controls. There are stories of paramotors taking flight without anybody in them (because the pilot made a dumb mistake on the ground) and flying for hours before running out of fuel and landing with no damage. Try that with an airplane or helicopter!

Second, the wing is an open parachute, which allows for safely landing in very confined areas in the event of the engine quitting. This is extremely rare but must always be considered as a possibility with any aircraft.

What qualifications does the pilot have?

Our pilots are all FAA licensed flight instructors with a minimum of 1000 flying hours.

I am afraid of heights. Should I even try this?

The sensation of standing at the edge of a dropoff is frightening for most people, including pilots. But flying is far different and most people absolutely love the feeling (unless it’s bumpy, but we don’t fly in those conditions). We also don’t fly very high in paramotors, with the real fun happening at only a couple hundred feet above the ground. Of course, if you give it a try and find it’s not for you, we’ll have you back on the ground in less than a minute.

I have already flown in small airplanes and taken a hot air balloon ride. How would this be different?

Paramotors combine the best flying aspects of airplanes and hot air balloons. Unlike an airplane, you are flying low and slow, following and exploring the terrain and man made structures from a very unique vantage point. There’s nothing quite like cruising along at 5 feet above an open field. Unlike a hot air balloon, you are moving along at 35mph which allows you to see a lot of the area in a short time. Plus, you’ll get take the controls and fly the paramotor the whole time if you like!

What should I expect to see in the flight?

We’ll tailor the flight to your interests. In the 40 minutes, it is possible to explore every winery in the area. There are many hills and lakes nearby that are fun to interact with. We are almost always able to find deer and other wildlife out and about in the early hours we fly. Playing with the hot air balloons is always fun. You can do all of the flying this whole time if you want to. If you have some friends you want to “buzz”, just let the pilot know where they are and he/she will make sure they see you do a great fly-by.

What times of day do you fly?

We only fly in the first three hours after sunrise, since this is when the air is the calmest. It is possible to fly at other times of day, but it gets bumpy and a lot less fun.

Do you have any recommendations for accommodations in Wine Country?

There are many great options for places to stay out here, but two places to be sure to check out in your search are The New Inn and Gaia Inn & Spa.

Do you have any recommendations for wineries to visit?

This is a tough one to answer, since there are so many great ones!  Be sure to check out the newly expanded Europa Village.