Frequently Asked Questions

Is paramotoring safe?

The sport of paramotor flying has evolved in great magnitudes over the last decade, and with this evolution there has been a tremendous increase in safety. Motors are lighter and more reliable, while wings have become more efficient and easier to handle. Like any other flying or adventure sport, there will always be risks, which can be managed and minimized with the right training and attitude. A pilot with modern gear and good judgement can fly injury-free well into old age. Of course, you can also take the opposite approach, continually scaring yourself, and perhaps get lucky enough to escape injury. We obviously don’t condone this behavior, and steer well clear of those who do.

How much does everything cost?

The cost for all gear will range from $9000 to $12,000. There is a great variation in the types of wings and motors available, to suit differing pilot needs. We do not offer generic package deals, as the equipment in these combos is typically not state of the art and well tailored to individual pilot skills and styles of flying. Everybody is different! Instead of only offering one brand and a couple of different models, we are dealers for many brands and have a selection of dozens of wings and motors to choose from. This keeps us un-biased when helping you select the right gear.

For a more detailed breakdown of equipment costs, click here.

How long does it take to learn?

Perhaps the most wonderful part of powered paragliding is how little time and cost it takes to become a safe pilot. Our course takes 3 days (they don’t need to be consecutive). The first day is dedicated to kiting, followed by a day of “free flight”, and then adding the motor on day 3. 

For more detailed information, visit our training page.

What kind of flying can I do with a paramotor?

From high to low, and fast to slow, and everything in between! Any open field is a runway, and your car trunk is a mobile aircraft hangar. It takes less than 10 minutes to set your gear up and get off the ground. If you see an interesting ridge line or distant lake while driving, just pull off the road and take to the sky to get a better look. If performance flying is your thing, there are plenty of advanced wings to fly and maneuvers to learn. There are competitions as well. Paramotoring is the fastest growing form of aviation in the World, so come join the fun!

Why train with Aerial Antics?

We have a major geographic advantage of being close to the beach and a world class “freeflying” site. This allows us to teach the kiting and motor flights in smooth coastal winds, and the freeflight day from a mountain gives students a ton of airtime to get comfortable flying before adding the weight and thrust of the motor. Our sunny Southern California climate prevents training delays due to weather. The result is far fewer training days, with no sacrifice in the quality of training. Additionally, students can earn their P2 paragliding rating as part of this training, if they choose.